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Let's make you a BADASS! 



I am a passionate storyteller and that doesn’t let up when it comes to the art of violence and fight choreography. Violence is a tool we can use to elevate story and reveal character, enriching the experience for both the performers and the audience.  


I am a clear communicator with a background in multiple movement disciplines so I can speak in an endless variety of ways to make sure that the performers are working to their strengths, feel involved, respected and safe. As an actor, I love working with actors and will encourage and develop their views and choices to best serve the story. 


As someone who thrives in collaboration, I will work with you and your team to bring forth your vision, whether it be a simple altercation, a comedic brawl, sword epic or the next Atomic Blonde. 

Press & Reviews

“Intense, Refreshing, Great acting, Clever… See it if you like gore treated in an equally shocking and thoughtful way”

- Show Score. The Changeling, Rudegrooms Production

"Their contrasting experiences and presentation clash deliberately in a precision-timed tussle for the audience’s attentions. ...she proves to be a top brawler and her riotous bitch fight with Collinson is but one fun example of this show’s gonzo energy."

Swan Song,  Edinburgh Fringe Festival

"-infused with elements of Dungeons and Dragons, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings, Henry IV is a one-of-a-kind, can't miss mix between classic and contemporary!"

Crowns of Power: Henry IV,  Dallas Shakespeare Junior Players


Performance Combat is
%100 cooperative
energy to show conflict.

As a Fight Director & Instructor with New York Combat for Stage & Screen, NYC's top weekly training for actor combatants, I am immersed in a community of action.

At NYCSS we focus on grounding the art of crafted violence in martial reality, bringing a production’s vision to life by enhancing the story and revealing character in a way that words cannot.

Words can lie, Actions don’t.

I am consistently teaching weekly classes, workshops and seminars and am also available for private lessons.

Check us out! 

NYCSS Summer Performance Intensive

I am the proud producer of this intensive which provides professional actors a week of focused training ending in two performances to showcase their new skills for an audience!

NYCSS Film Your Fight Opportunity:

Working closely with you to put your best hit forward, I will choreograph, film and edit a fight in your preferred style that will show you off for your actor or fight reel.

My fight work has been seen far and wide from city parks, to Off Broadway & the Edinburgh Fringe. I am also the resident Fight Director of RudeGrooms, an ensemble based theatre company out of Queens, NY. I have worked in film and theatre across the country and have been fortunate to train all around the world. 

For a full list of credits please inquire for resume.

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